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  • The temazcal ceremony and its benefits to the body and spirit

    The temazcal has its origins in Mesoramerica, the composition of the word temazcal comes from the Nahuatl word “temazcalli”, (temaz-sudor, calli-casa); its literal translation would be “sweat house”. The Temazcal is a representation of the womb of mother earth, and it seeks reconnection with it, the people participating in this ceremony enter it as a representation of entering the womb of mother earth and therefore has the shape of a “dome ”With small dimensions representing the mother’s womb.


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    The copal is commonly used during the ceremony to purify and as an offering to the gods. The temazcal serves as a therapy for physical and spiritual ills in some ceremonies, the use of medicinal plants is also used. During the ceremony The guide or “temazcalero” uses herbs to “call the steam”, while he chants traditional prayers or songs of the temazcal and at the same time he splashes the stones with water.

    The essence of the temazcal and its importance lies in the fact that it has been used by various cultures of Mesoamerica for medicinal purposes of detoxification through sweating and expectoration by the vapors generated by the infusions of medicinal plants.


    The temazcal as a therapeutic and spiritual means

    The relaxation that is generated in the temazcal, allows people introspection, reflection, and this energetic movement in the body allows thoughts to be purified and the mind to regenerate.

    Taking a temazcal bath has many benefits for the mind, body, and spirit, hence it is linked to the idea of ​​”purification”, this because, if the body is clean, the thought is the same. The Mesoamerican peoples associated it with the Tezcatlipoca concept, related to the smoke that comes out of the embers with which the stones of the temazcal are heated.


    Temazcal – Mia Bacalar


    Taking a temazcal ceremony is very revitalizing and helps to regenerate body and soul by getting in touch with nature through the four elements, the boiling water, the steam that you breathe, the soil that connects you with the earth and the fire that is used to heat the stones that are placed in the center of the temazcal to evaporate the water, all these elements are present during the temazcal and are part of the heritage of pre-Hispanic traditions that are also present in the Riviera Maya.

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    In Mia bacalar you can experience this ceremony and relax in a temazcal bath. Revitalizes body and soul.

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  • Holistic Spa Mia Bacalar

    spa mia bacalar

    We offer you an alternative to relax and renew your body and mind with different massage techniques, aromatherapy and other body and facial treatments that will help you achieve a feeling of well-being and relaxation. The holistic spa current deals with all aspects, which encompasses our person both physically and spiritually. Our spa services usually stimulate the senses, with the use of oils, essences and flower baths that will help you feel good about yourself.

    Holistic massage comes from traditional practices that include different techniques that seek to release the energy that is accumulated and blocked through physical stimuli and a connection with mental aspects.

    Through the sense of touch, smell and massage, the aim is to relax the muscles with the use of the therapeutic properties of oils and essences. In this way, it seeks to release tensions and open the energy channels of the body that are obstructed.

    The goal of holistic massage is to remove these blocks that prevent us from reaching balance and starting a healthy lifestyle.

  • Travel to the Mexican Caribbean during the covid

    The Mexican Caribbean is full of paradisiacal corners where you can relax and be pampered by the tropical warmth. In addition, most of the hotels in this state have a “Safe Destination Seal”.

    cubreboca safe

    All destinations in the Mexican Caribbean have the “Safe Travels” seal granted by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), being the first in the Americas to receive this certification for destinations that adopt global standards to ensure hygiene in establishments. and protocols to guarantee the safety of travelers.

    Bacalar a safe destination to travel

    If what you are looking for is a safe place to disconnect and be in contact with nature, Bacalar is the right choice.

    With its multicolored crystalline freshwater lake “7-color lagoon”, the second largest in all of Mexico, surrounded by lush jungle mangroves and on its southern side, a great variety of fascinating fossil formations, this beautiful piece of paradise that once It was secret makes this place a favorite among travel Instagramers, because of its remoteness this is one of the safest places in Mexico.

    An excellent way to enjoy the nature that surrounds this Magic Town of the Caribbean is by sleeping in one of the hotels in Bacalar that were built on the shore of the lagoon.
    safe travel bacalar

    They are acting with the best hygiene standards that were developed with a group of specialists and based on what the World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Tourism Organization dictate to receive their visitors.

    These hotels are ideal for a couple’s getaway or for a total disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the city. Its main jewel is having hammocks and swings suspended over the lagoon.

    Kayak at Bacalar

    They also have different activities such as kayaking, snorkeling or diving, so you can explore this aquatic maze.

  • Rooms

    Feel the pleasure of sleeping lulled by the sound of the wind between the trees, wake up with the song of the birds and enjoy a sunbath without leaving your room, we design each of our suites to provide a natural luxury experience, find details that will enchant your senses that will make your stay pleasant, we create spaces in harmony with nature so that you can enjoy it and at the same time have an experience of maximum comfort.

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