• 5 reasons to fall in love with the Lagoon at Bacalar

    5 reasons to fall in love with the Lagoon at Bacalar

    You can fall in love for the strangest of reasons, at first sight, chemistry, physics, a smile, the eyes or hands… however there is nothing strange about falling in love with a lagoon, it is true and sincere and, without exchanging a word, you see it and fall under a spell that can never become undone. Afterwards you start seeing the smallest of details, the hidden treasures in every corner and unique place and you fall even more in love.

    Its seven colors

    The Bacalar lagoon gets its name from the 7 different shades of blue that can be seen from anywhere you look at it. The variations are due to the different types of soil on the bottom, the shallow water levels and the way the lagoon is illuminated. It has deep pools and a low surge, fresh water, cenotes and many more great characteristics but its seven color landscape (they say that it goes from turquoise to Prussian blue) is unparalleled and an irrefutable reason to fall under its spell.

    The Stromatolites

    These are formations very similar to reefs, they were also a type of submarine trees before trees existed on land,because they released great amounts of oxygen, and they are also the first evidence of life in the planet. Their name means «stratified rock». It is said that when the levels of oxygen increased to around 20 %, millions of years ago, a great variety of organisms bloomed and evolved. Thus, due to their pre-historic beauty, because they are living fossils and life-givers, these organisms in the Bacalar Lagoon are lovable.

    stromatolites at bacalar

    Cenote Esmeralda

    This small fresh water sinkhole is located inside the lagoon, is 230 feet deep and gets its name from the color of its water. According to various sources, when it comes to emeralds, the most popular and valuable color is a slightly bluish green in a medium or deep tone with a high degree of saturation. In the case of our emerald, the beautiful blue of the water and its underwater springs from where water emerges into the lagoon give it its appeal, value and loveliness.  

    bacalar lagoon

    Cenote la bruja (Witch’s cenote)

    For whimsical minds, even just the name turns on a flurry of stories and makes it attractive, in reality the witchcraft of this cenote is in its 50 feet deep waters by the lagoon and the submarine fracture in its depths that drops from 3 to 328 feet inside the water. We will not be eaten by the witch but we will allow it to put a spell on us with its deep blue beauty.

    Pirates Canal

    This canal is man-made and created to connect with other territories, and from that came trade, this sounds practical and boring until pirates come into the mix, as the area suddenly became interesting to buccaneers like Henry Morgan. It has become emblematic for tourists, historical, nostalgic and a treasure for story lovers that fall in love with the landscape but also with what their imagination concocts.

    We fall in love from the moment we see it but getting to know it more deeply the Lagoon of Seven colors allows us to see its hidden beauty which make it even more attractive through the eyes of love. 

    Plan your next vacation to this beautiful destination.

  • Mía Bacalar: the most ecologically sustainable hotel in Bacalar

    Ecologically sustainable hotel in Bacalar


    Being Eco sustainable is to exist and operate reducing our impact in our planet and leaving a positive footprint wherever we tread. The planet would not need our help if modernity had not taken over and from the very beginning human beings had thought about every step taken being light and friendly  to other human beings and to the environment . Today the definition of being sustainable is taking steps to satisfy our needs without compromising the capacity of the future generations to satisfy their own. Learn more about this sustainable hotel in Bacalar.


     With low environmental impact,  being  respectful with everyone and everything that surrounds us, thinking and acting in favor of the integrity  of our natural resources is how we are eco-sustainable, eco-friendly, green , the name is really the least important, as long as our actions are the correct ones.


    Hoteles en Bacalar


    In a hotel that exists and operates right next to the vibrant and captivating nature, in a place that is proud of its natural wealth, we could do no less than take firm steps toward a harmonic rapport with the birds that wake us each morning, the rays of the sun, the breeze that refreshes the place where we work and live, taking care of our water and looking for the best ways to improve the use of energy.


    At Mía Bacalar the promise we make to our planet is to tread lightly and be tender and careful with everything this earth has given us, thus energy use is regulated and kept at a minimum by using intelligent systems with which, through an electronic card, our guests can control the electricity in their rooms.    


    Hotels in bacalar


    The water at the hotel is recycled and treated, it passes directly through the filtering system of the wetlands and is used to irrigate the beautiful gardens that surround the rooms of the hotel. This should not mean we should forget to  turn off the water  or waste it with no rhyme or reason but we now know the one we do use will applied for the keep up or improvement of our surroundings. 


    Organic waste is also treated for composting to be used as fertilizer for the grass.


    bacalar hotels


    Aromatic herbs grow at the chef’s orchard which he uses to make the dishes served to our visitors, and the idea is for it to grow. The farm to table movement aims to use locally sourced and farm fresh products without chemicals for the good of our planet and the wellbeing of diners and that is what we strive for


    I hope I have told you enough good reasons why Mía Bacalar is really a refuge for those looking for a little space where gratitude is shown to nature for all its gifts with positive actions in its favor. 






  • Pedro Sánchez, the talented wonder kid of Mexican cuisine, is the Executive Chef at Hunab Ku

    Pedro Sánchez is the Executive Chef at Hunab Ku


    Cooking should not be a job. It is an art form, a sparkling, effervescent passion strengthened through years of dedication, training and experience, and many times it is childhood memories and the warmth of home and family that bring about a great artist’s evolution in their chosen path.


    Pedro Sánchez, the Executive Chef at Hunab Ku, the avant-garde cuisine restaurant, is passionate about traditional Mexican cuisine which he learned to love at home, from his grandmother, an experienced cook who for many year owned seafood restaurants and is a veteran expert in mole, marinades and chili sauces which he still prepares in her honor and in remembrance of her. Through her, he learned the love of cooking helping her as a young apprentice and savoring the delicious dishes she lovingly prepared for those seated at her table be it clients or family.



    Restaurants in Bacalar



    At 17 he worked and studied learning his profession at the Centro Culinario Ambrosía, founded by banquet experts and the best school for gastronomical training at the time. He later worked at one of the best restaurants specializing in traditional cuisine in Mexico called el Bajío. Spain was his next stop where he worked for a season at Quique Dacosta a three Michelin star restaurant, number 36 in the world, known for its haute avant-garde cuisine with Mediterranean roots. He returned home to Pujol, in Mexico City. From all of them, he learned the discipline needed in order to work in the best kitchens.


    Among many other things, at school he learned culinary management and banquet preparation and, from great experts in the field, contemporary and avant-garde cuisine, but childhood memories and family recipes is where he finds the inspiration for the preparation of traditional dishes like his mother’s cream soups, his grandmother’s chiles rellenos and special rice and his aunt’s pozole, created with his own twist brought about by years of study, hard work and love for what he does.



    Hunab Ku Bacalar



    Chefs are generally generous beings who share their art for the delight of others. Chef Pedro has also generously taken the time to share anecdotes, the reason why he hates cookies as they were almost all he ate during a period of his life, his acquired taste for mole and salsas and his stints in national and international restaurants that gave him the high level skills he boasts today.


    Today Hunab Ku, the restaurant at Mía Bacalar, would like to thank Chef Pedro Sánchez’s grandmother for having infused in him the love for great Mexican cuisine and for giving him the start in the world of gastronomy where he is a true shining star. Thank you Chef!  





  • Kohunlich: a Mayan archaeological site near Bacalar

    Kohunlich: a Mayan archaeological site near Bacalar  

    Close to Bacalar you will find Kohunlich, an archaeological site where you will feel like a new explorer discovering an unchartered territory in the middle of the jungle. It is one of the most attractive Mayan archaeological zones due to the lush nature that surrounds it. You can get there either by taxi or by rental car as there is no public transportation to the area.

    It is a truly remarkable site you will be able to roam and inspect freely and almost on your own exploring the different structures and finding unexpected locations like the Temple of the Masks, a place that has been widely used to promote the Mayan culture with images of the almost 7 feet tall masks that remain in an astoundingly perfect condition, which captures the imagination and curiosity of history buffs and Mayan culture fans.

    At Kohunlich there are beautiful sights of the jungle amidst remnants of squares, ceremonial centers, residential areas and water canals. The local palms that give shade to the area are said to have been the reason for the site’s name, as an English-speaking explorer baptized it as cohoon ridge and from there, with time, came the name Kohunlich. Its original Mayan name is unknown but it must surely have made reference to its lush nature or the huge masks found in its temple.

    As all other tropical jungles in the state, it has a rich and astonishing ecosystem and we should be thankful that this place is still yet little known and yet unspoiled, however, if we all do our bit to take care of it and preserve it, the extraordinary birds such as toucans, the peculiar howler monkeys that wander around the area and the bats that live in the constructions, will be able to stay put where they are, which will make visitors very happy and help the local flora and fauna.

    Bacalar Mayan temple

    The temple of the masks and the 27 step compound and many more constructions in this beautiful area are great reminders of the richness of the Mayan civilization and the natural treasures of this land that was their home. There is not much to think about. If you are staying in Bacalar, walk the same roads as the wise men and warriors of a civilization very much ahead of its time and do yourself a favor coming to discover some place new, beautiful and inspiring, which, much the same as the 7 color lagoon and the city’s famous Fort will charm and enchant you.

  • 5 reasons Bacalar should be taken care of

    Bacalar a Magical Town in Mexico

    There are many more than 5 reasons and haven chosen this subject it becomes a challenge to guide you through a straight line without getting distracted by the blue sky, crystal clear waters, delicious food, the market, the church, the incredible views, and the charming hidden unusual strolls, I have committed to giving you 5 reasons and so here they are.

    Bacalar is a Magical Town, this says a lot and not enough, yes, Sian Ka’an Bakhalal, the place where the sky is born, today known as Bacalar, is renowned not only because of its charm but also because it maintains its historical heritage and its traditions as intact as possible in this ever changing world. Bacalar is still a little explored destination thus it is still perfect to escape from the hustle and bustle of the modern world and dive into the pace of its waters. Taking care of a heritage and keeping it alive is the number one reason to take care of this treasure in the state of Quintana Roo.


    Bacalar is Living History

    Bacalar was an important trade center where pirates arrived looking for treasures thus for many years it has been a territory that  preserves  great chronicles and legends of battles, pursuits and rebellion. Bacalar`s San Felipe Fort, today a museum, takes us back to those turbulent days.  Another “living museum“ can be found  25 miles from Bacalar; one of the most ancient Mayan cities called Ichkabal which remained untouched for centuries under the lush jungle and was found a mere 10 years ago. To visit Bacalar is to travel back in time to witness a history of adventure that needs to be preserved.

    Bacalar lagoon of seven colors

    The lagoon of seven colors

    At Bacalar, travelers will find a fresh water lagoon with an infrastructure that is still rustic and charming. The decks constructed by the hotels and the town`s people fit harmoniously with the lagoon that shines in a variety of hues. Kayakers and paddle boarders enjoy unforgettable sunrises in its waters and a great variety of activities such as fishing take place in this natural treasure. The Cenote Azul (Blue Sinkhole) can be found adjacent and the Cenote de la Bruja (Witch’s Sinkhole) inside the lagoon itself, clearly visible due to its characteristic deep blue color, both of these cenotes are snorkel and dive enthusiast favorites. This treasure and its marine inhabitants must be treated with the respect they deserve.

    The Stromatolites

    At Bacalar you will find the most ancient living being in the planet, the stromatolites; living rocks that appeared 2500 to 1000 millions of years ago. These formations produced a massive amount of oxygen due to which life in this planet was possible.  Today, this fabulous specimens can be found living and breathing in very few places in the planet, a very good reason why we should take care of them.

    Boutique hotel at Bacalar

    Mía Bacalar

    In the heart of Bacalar lagoon, this hotel promises “a conscious rapprochement to the good life” adjusting to the varying pace of the breeze, the tides, sunrises and sunsets, the moon and the seasons, and there is no way to avoid this happening when you are in a place where the boundaries of water and sky are a blur and where the singing of the birds wakes you up in the morning. One of the great treasures in Bacalar are its people and their hospitality and there is no better proof of it than in this beautiful place where they go to great lengths to live in harmony with the nature that surrounds it and makes it what it is.

    I hope I achieved my goal. Visit Bacalar and care for it as if it were your own. Do it for me and for you.

  • What to do in Bacalar?

    What to do in Bacalar?

    Bacalar is listed as one of the 6 Magical Towns of the State of Quintana Roo, Mexico, just 24 miles from Chetumal, the state capital. It is still a little explored destination so if you want to get away from the bustle of big cities, it is perfect for a restful vacation with its moments of peaceful silence.

    Bacalar is the ideal destination to experience magical moments. This charming town holds a wonder of nature that is a must see, the emblematic lagoon of 7 colors. Its different hues are due to the great variety of vegetation and the water spaces at different depths which make it unique and explore-worthy. It is surrounded by mangroves and some water caves as well as several cenotes which overflowed and gave rise to this magnificent site.


    Activities at bacalar


    San Felipe Fort

    Fuerte de San Felipe Bacalar

    San Felipe Fort became a strategic site to defend the city from pirates, who arrived eager for the wealth they could obtain from the exotic products found in the new land; commerce was then one of the issues at the core of the armed conflict over control of the area.

    At San Felipe Fort one can still appreciate part of the artillery used in battle. The fort is currently a museum with recreations of famous pirate attacks in Bacalar. The ambient sound and six video screens will make you feel close to the battlefield.


    Cenote Azul

    Cenote azul Bacalar

    This is one of the most emblematic sites in the area with spectacular views, nearby restaurants with great local food and, best of all, a unique chance to enjoy nature and relax.  It is truly spectacular with its 656 feet in diameter and especially attractive for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts with a depth of 295 feet. It is necessary to know how to swim or to wear a life jacket when visiting. This Cenote is one of the best destinations to snorkel in Quintana Roo.


    Discover the stromatolites at Bacalar Lagoon

    stromatolites at bacalar

    Stromatolites are, in a nutshell, rocks that have life: they represent some of the oldest living structures in the world. Their cyanobacterial structures provide oxygen; they are “the lungs” of the region and it is very important to keep them alive.

    You can enjoy these fantastic living organisms that are a great attraction in Bacalar in a responsible way: as part of the protocols for their care, it is important never to touch them or climb on them, because they are very fragile living matter which can quickly become extinct. These natural treasures are a very important part of the ecosystem and it is a privilege to discover them.


    The Ichkabal mayan Ruins

    Mayan ruins - Riviera Maya

    This site represents one of the greatest archaeological finds of the Mayan culture, with remnants from the most important periods of this civilization dating from the year 400 BC until almost 1,500 A.D. Due to its size, it is considered one of the 3 major Mayan cities; some consider it larger than Chichen Itza and more important than Calakmul. Ichkabal was an important trade center between the Yucatan and Central America thus a strategic city in the pre-Hispanic world.


    Kayaking in the lagoon

    Kayak at Bacalar

    One of the most enjoyable ways to experience Bacalar Lagoon is on a Kayak. Sunscreen is highly recommended as this activity. and the time it will take to do it. will depend on your fitness level, your rowing skills and your endurance.  However, you may prefer a slow pace to truly appreciate the views or take photos.


    Sunrise in Bacalar

    Bacalar sunrise

    To witness an impressive sunrise, there is no better way than staying by Bacalar lagoon,  and one of the most striking places to enjoy this captivating, unforgettable experience is Mía Bacalar hotel, a boutique accommodation where comfort is emphasized through a perfect balance between nature and luxury. This is the place to enjoy Bacalar at its very best.