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Offers An Experience Unlike Any Other

Nestled in the heart of Bacalar Lagoon on the southwestern tip of the Quintana Roo which cradles Playa del Carmen, we pride ourselves in offering a mindful approach to living the good life.

Eco Green with luxury, a subtle aesthetic, privacy, and graciousness, in the most breathtaking scenery. Time is of essence but always ruled by Nature. Moon, Tides. Sun. Breeze and Seasons. Tune yourself up with the MIA Experience, adjust life and rhythmic pace to nature vibe.

  • Rooms

    Feel the pleasure of sleeping lulled by the sound of the wind between the trees, wake up with the song of the birds and enjoy a sunbath without leaving your room, we design each of our suites to provide a natural luxury experience, find details that will enchant your senses that will make your stay pleasant, we create spaces in harmony with nature so that you can enjoy it and at the same time have an experience of maximum comfort.

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Krystal Kayaks

Krystal Kayaks

An exclusive experience to enjoy the lagoon of 7 colors, our amazing Kayaks are available for all our guests.


massages and treatments
Renew your senses and connect with your interior with our spa treatments, enjoy the best locations to connect with the peace of this natural environment.


We offer unique culinary experiences, let yourself be surprised by the flavors of our cuisine, we bring the best of local ingredients with unique recipes combined with the smallest scenery, the Bacalar Lagoon.