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Integral Privacy Notice

Identity and Domicilie of the Responsible

In accordance with the provisions of the Federal Law on the Protection of Personal Data held by Individuals (the Law), the legal entity “GRUPO MAJOSA, SA DE CV”, whose trade names are: Hotel MÍA City Villahermosa in Villahermosa, Tabasco and Hotel MÍA Cancun and Hotel MÍA Reef Isla Mujeres in Quintana Roo, with extension at Paseo Usumacinta No.139, Colonia Guayabal. CP86090, Villahermosa, Tabasco, Telephone 993 3139307 as responsible for the processing of your personal data makes the following information known to you..

Purposes in the Processing of Data

The collection of your personal data by GRUPO MAJOSA, SA DE CV, still derived from any legal relationship for the acts you celebrate with you as the holder of these, will be protected and treated for various purposes, which are set out below:
• Sales and reservations
• Registration Huế Houses
• BILLING or n
• Granting appropriations and business
• To comply with the obligations against t give in service agreements
• Receive our suppliers or products required services

Additionally, it is identified and distinguished that the following purposes could be considered different from those that originated from the legal relationship with the owner, but that we consider necessary to conclude our process of quality and marketing and advertising purposes.
• L assess the quality of service
• Evaluate the work environment
• Send information or advertising relating to n
• Recruitment and selection personal

We make you aware that as a holder, you will have a period of 5 days in which case, to express your refusal to process your personal data for purposes that are not necessary, nor did they give rise to the legal relationship with the responsible, by sending mail to the account [email protected]


The personal data of the holders that could be requested for the development of our processes and purposes established in this notice, among others are:
From customers and suppliers:
• Identification data or contact ny
• Presentation cards or personal n, Third-party contact information
• In general, any information or people on n f t SICAS be required to carry out the activities that were established and agreed upon in the contract or n prestaci service.
Employees or applicants:
• CV or job application with photographs ay recent, birth certificate, proof of address, primer thousand ITAR if men, CURP, i dentificaci or official n with photographs í to force, proof of studies, letters recomendation no, sketches of address, letter of no criminal record.


The personal data that are collected and that could be considered as sensitive, are only data related to employees and in general of third parties that have been authorized by the owner to provide us with the personal data, committing ourselves as responsible to them will be treated Under the strictest security measures that guarantee their confidentiality in accordance with what is established in this privacy notice and in the law.
In such cases, in accordance with what is established in article 9 of the Law on sensitive personal data, the holder must express his / her express consent through his / her autograph signature, electronic signature, or any verification mechanism established for that purpose.


As part of our recruitment and selection of personnel, sensitive personal data may be received, in this case the holder must be asked to consent to this data being used directly by GRUPO MAJOSA, SA DE CV or transferred to third parties, to take Out the recruitment and selection process, such consent will be express, through his signature autograph.


In order to comply with the Law, once the holder submits their personal data to the responsible, the latter will keep them in various media for the minimum time required to complete the provision of the service, however, there are personal data that are part of the information Which fiscal authorities may require in subsequent years. In these cases, the information will be properly stored and backed up as established in the records control and with the security and technology implemented in the company.


The personal data held by the responsible person will be protected administratively, technically and physically as established in the internal data control procedure, in order to avoid loss, misuse, unauthorized access to them, and their publication, Modification or even destruction.
For the aforementioned processing of personal data, all the principles set forth in Article 6 of the Law will be followed, which for the better understanding are as follows: Licitud, Quality, Consent, Information, Purpose, Loyalty, Proportionality and Responsibility.


For purposes of delimiting the use or disclosure of its data, GRUPO MAJOSA, SA DE CV has established a regulation and internal policies implemented, which are signed annually with respect to the compliance of these policies and the declaration of confidentiality of the personnel that Intervenes in the provision of our services and therefore in the use of its data.

The GRUPO MAJOSA, SA DE CV in its character of responsible has delegated the responsibility of the data protection to an internal manager, whose function will be to support the responsible and to ensure that the measures taken within the company are carried out.

The personal data held by GRUPO MAJOSA, SA DE CV will be administratively protected by an internal procedure of control of personal data; Technically by means of the activities that are carried out by system consultants and physically by means of security cameras and control of access to the installations by means of registration and authorization, all this in order to avoid the loss, misuse, unauthorized access to them , As well as its publication, modification or even destruction of the personal data it collects.

The GRUPO MAJOSA, SA DE CV will be prevented from giving a different use to the personal data collected, if for any reason this happened, before they are used the relevant changes in the present privacy notice must be made and will be put again At the disposal of the holder through our pages:


In order for the holder to be able to exercise the ARCO rights (Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition) provided by the Law or in order to agree to their interests revoking the consent previously granted for the use of their personal data, we have implemented a procedure that establishes certain requirements, formats and deadlines that the owner could be found by going directly to our offices Majosa GROUP LTD in hours and business days by appointment, send an email to [email protected] or access the link “ARCO Rights “in the Notice of Privacy of the following web pages:

In order for your ARCO application to be admitted for analysis by us, it must contain and be accompanied by all that is indicated in article 29 of the Law, such as the name and address of the holder, documents proving the personality, clear and precise description of The personal data in respect of which the ARCO rights are sought and use the request provided as indicated in the previous paragraph.

In accordance with the foregoing, if the holder requests access to the personal data provided to any of our hotels in accordance with the established procedure, this obligation will be fulfilled by making such data available to him or, if the owner so requires, we will provide him by the means that we Indicate a simple copy of them.
If the owner still having known this Privacy Notice determines that the purpose of the processing of personal data is different from that agreed with the response may manifest it by email to [email protected] , his refusal to Your personal data are still used.


In the same way, we inform you that your personal data can be transferred and treated inside and outside the country, by persons other than the person responsible according to what is contemplated in Chapter V, Articles 36 and 37 of the Law. Information can be shared with third parties to carry out the following activities:

• To complement a procedure requested by the holder of the information or n;
• A prestaci providers to perform the service or n s specialized professionals prior agreement and express request of the client we control we deliver the information or n.
• To meet requirements of the authorities or to protect and defend the rights of the responsible.
We reiterate that the owner can oppose to the transfer of their personal data and exercise their ARCO rights through the mechanisms and means that have been implemented for that purpose, such as going directly to our offices of GRUPO MAJOSA, SA DE CV in hours and working days by appointment, send an email to [email protected] or access the link “ARCO Rights” in the Notice of Privacy on the following pages:
If you do not express your opposition to the transfer of your data to third parties GRUPO MAJOSA, SA DE CV will understand that you have given your consent to do so.


GRUPO MAJOSA, SA DE CV, reserves the right to make the modifications that it deems pertinent to this Privacy Notice, with the purpose of adapting, updating, improving it, or to comply with new legal provisions. It is recommended to the owners of personal data to regularly review the content of this comprehensive Privacy Notice (through our websites, in order to be aware of changes that may be suffered by the same:


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Version 1 effective as of January 1, 2013.